Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant

Finally mustered some energy to blog; have been sleeping like a baby post-op as my body needs to grow new bone. This post is quite late, but I believe it’ll be still useful, especially since steamboat ingredients are more or less the same during and after Chinese New Year. Plus this review may help with your Chinese New Year feast planning next year :)


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Two Tone Highlights at Georgina’s

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve have recently returned from a 6-week stay in Australia where I’d surgery to fix my dysplastic hip. Today I’ll blogging about my latest hairdo, which I got done before the surgery.

I wanted hair that brightens my mood, something that I’ll definitely appreciate during the difficult, painful period after the operation. Something that will help make me look better when I’m pale and dishevelled after days of lying in bed. And boy did the gorgeous tresses cheer me up each time I look in the mirror!

Here’s my hair before Georgina’s staff worked their magic.


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Yikes! It been a week since my last post, wasn’t feeling too well hence spend most of the time sleeping. Hope I’ll get better this week. Anyways, here’s another food post :)

After a full day tour of the Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles, we were too exhausted to venture out for dinner, so we settled for our hotel’s in-house restaurant, Spoonbill.


The venue is extraordinary. The designers used a combination of new and recycled pieces to construct this rustic yet dramatic ambience.

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Alex Simone

Ahhh, Sundays. Don’t you just love spending time at home relaxing and recuperating for the busy week ahead? A lovely home is more than what you and see and touch. It’s about igniting all the senses, especially the sense of smell. Scents can have a positive impact on mood, relaxation, sleep enhancement and enliven the body.


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A La Folie

While strolling along Chapel Street for a spot to rest our legs, we were drawn to A La Folie’s attractive display of enticing treats.



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Morris Jones

While researching on what to eat along Chapel Street during our Melbourne vacation, I chanced upon Morris Jones, which seemed an excellent deal with its 4 course dinner at AUD 89. From their website, the extensive menu is classified into 4 categories- From the Garden, From the Sea, From the Land and Sweet World. However, upon arrival, we were informed it’s not possible to mix and match as the restaurant sets a fixed 4 course set daily. Dang! That was not good as Mom doesn’t eat beef or pork,  and we didn’t like combination of the day, hence we ordered a la carte instead.

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Steer Bar and Grill Early Dinner Special

Hubby and I were pondering on what to have for dinner and after some research, decided on Steer Bar and Grill, which has many positive reviews and was close to our hotel (The Olsen) .

The ambiance is chic, modern and the atmosphere vibrant (after more guests arrived), complete with an open concept kitchen which offers diners an opportunity to watch their food being prepared. We arrived at about 6.05pm hence went for the Early Dinner Special, an offer whereby orders must be placed before 6.20pm and meals to be completed by 7.30pm.


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