Melt The World Cafe Buffet Dinner

Visited Melt at Mandarin Oriental Hotel for a dinner buffet with 2 girlfriends back in mid 2010. Wide variety, tasty, and the dessert section is to die for. Cost about $80 per pax after a credit card promotion discount.

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The buffet is divided into different sections:
Western Desserts, Asian desserts, Fruits
Noodles, Pasta and craved meats
Japanese, salads and cheeses
Cold seafood

Strawberry rhubarb crumble, Rose petal pound cake, Exotique square, Mocca gateaux, Deluxe, Forrest berry cheese cake

Mango Pudding, Panna Cotta with forest berry compote, Assorted nonya kueh

Fruits section, Noodle and Pasta section,Watercress Chicken soup,  some kind of fish steak, a variety of Tandoori Indian dishes, Indian food section.

The “noodle of the day” was prawn noodle.

One can choose cream sauce or tomato sauce pasta, but i requested for Aglio oilo, and the chef was able to make it. Thumb up for good service!

Biryani Rice,Dhal Makhani: Black lentil, Palak Paneer: Cottage cheese with spinach sauce,Plain and Garlic Naan, Kara Kuzhambue: tempered tamarind gravy with ladies finger,Mutton Rassa: Kannada style mutton with spicy gravy,Plain and Masala Papadom, Kozhi Chettinad: home style curry chicken

Western Section, Pumpkin soup, Garlic bread,Veal jus and cream sauce, Slow roasted cajun spice spring chicken, Roasted Duck, Seafood and cream sauce, Oxtail stew, Tomato rice

Roasted potatoes, Hericot verts, Seabass, Sautéed yellow squash with pink pepper corn,Baked Aubergine,Stir Fried Broccoli,Braised savoy cabbage with cream,Asian food section, Long beans

Crispy pork rib with mar-mite sauce,Sweet and Spicy prawn,Pha mug kaprow: squid with basil, Prawn and fish crackers,Thai red chicken curry,Tom yum goong,Roasted pork,Thai fish cake

Lobster claw, prawns, oysters, mussels, crayfish, shellfish, assorted sauces, Japanese and salads Section

Table waters, Breadsticks, Assorted bread, Assorted condiments, Cheese, Mortadella, Rosette, Chicken and mushroom ham,Anti Pasti

Duck rillette, Thai mango salad, Thai minced chicken salad, Thai cucumber salad, Three beans salad, Greek Salad, Potato salad, Couscous salad,Mixed seafood salad

Tuna nicoise salad, smoked duck, seafood terrine, sashimi, sushi, salmon tartar, Cold soba selection

Aglio olio pasta with fresh juicy scallops and mushroom, the must-try waffles with chocolate chip and chocolate ice cream, chocolate lava cake

Went to Melt on another occasion, this time on a weekend. On weekends, Melt has freshly prepared bbq foods by several chefs. The bbq pit is located outdoors

A waitress would take your order and table number. There is a display of raw foods which you can choose from.

The foods available are:
Satay: beef, lamb, chicken

Melt Buffet Prices 2012:
Lunch(Monday to Saturday): $56++
Dinner (Sunday to Wednesday): 72++
Dinner (Thursday to Saturday): $82++
Sunday Brunch: $98++

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    Hi, i like the picture above that you were dressed in cheongsam. Is it a photoshoot? Where is it taken & how much? As i would like to do a photoshoot while i’m still young 🙂


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