For my birthday celebration in 2011, Dear brought me to experience Japanese Fine dining at Keyaki, Pan Pacific Hotel. Unfortunately, my taste buds didn’t know how to enjoy such fine foods. I told him I rather have more normal stuff next time, like a buffet at Melt. He went okies  =_=.

It was a long walk to the restaurant. The beautifully gardens kept me entertained.

The teppanyaki section was on the right. I love Teppanyaki but Dear booked the private room. In order to have a private room, the minimum spending is $600. The picture on the right features the view of the garden outside the private room.

The difference between this dish and the previous one was the chicken liver (2 small brown balls) and the egg ball with Tobiko.

Fish and bamboo shoot in clear soup.

Wagyu beef sushi


Deep fried minced prawn

Mountain vegetable rice, dark miso and pickles

Cold soba

Complimentary birthday cake from the hotel

Tofu Cheesecake. Green tea ice cream with red bean

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