Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant

Dinner at Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant at Keppel Road.  I read from Hungrygowhere that the food has varying standards, but fortunately during my visit the food was yummy.

The attraction of the restaurant is that is revolves 360 degrees. Diners can enjoy the surrounding view. But as you can see from my picture, the surrounding view is not that fantastic, only the part where you can see Sentosa is nice. Most of the time we could only view containers, roads and cars…

We ordered the set meal for 4 pax, but changed the Red tilapia to cod.

It was a busy weekend night for the restaurant, service was painfully slow. This is how the food gets transported from the kitchen to the restaurant-via a lift

Melon soup. As a Cantonese, I love soups, especially clear Chinese soups

Sautéed salad prawns balls

Steamed Cod Fish

Sautéed seasonal vegetables with crab meat

Braised sea cucumber with shiitake

Peking duck. No layer of fat on the duck skin, yeah! I dislike the taste of fat so usually I would scrap off the fat off the duck skin. This time I could enjoy crispy “fat-free” peking duck.

Duck meat from the peking duck fried with bean sprouts.

Chinese soufflé stuffed with red bean paste, best enjoyed with some sugar on top.

Since I love ice cream very much, I had to get one of these into my stomach!

I am fond of Passion Fruit and Dark Chocolate. So glad to have this dessert 🙂

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