Chihuly Lounge Afternoon Tea Buffet

Treated my dear W to afternoon tea buffet in Aug 2011 at Chihuly Lounge, Ritz Carlton Hotel.

For this occasion, I picked an Island Shop dress. The flowy high waist skirt makes it a perfect choice for a buffet. Cannot see my tummy protruding out after eating XD

The Birthday Girl….who messaged me in the morning asking me what colour I was going to wear so she can don the same shade LOL. She was wearing green, my camera is not good enough to capture colour properly in this lighting

Ritz Carlton is well known for their service standards, and I must say that their service did impress me. The chi chi ambience accompanied by romantic music from the pianist makes it a perfect place for relaxing. But we are not here to relax, we are here to stuff as much food as we can into our stomachs so I cant be bothered whether there is a pianist present or not. If you want to eat more, I strongly suggest sitting on the chairs rather and the sofas; less effort to sit up straight so more food can be eaten XD.

Marinated prawn with tomato and avocado salad,Yaki Tofu and Japanese Edamame Seaweed Salad, Smoked salmon tartlet with caper and salmon roe.

Goose liver parfait with port wine jelly, Smoked duck with pickle Spanish onion in carrot bun, Tuna mayonnaise with sweet corn salad in Parmesan roll, Cucumber and egg mayonnaise with crème fraiche sandwich.

Crabmeat salad with avocado in beetroot focaccia, Risotto arancini with crab meat and aioli, Baked chicken and cepe tartlet with melted cheese, Steamed spinach dumpling with green onion pesto, Baked good liver and macerated dried fruits in flaky pastries, Roasted spice beef roll with truffle duxelles and cornichon.

An impressive selection of sweets.

Macaroons, St honore, Cup cakes, Swiss roll.

Old school butter cream cake, Passion fruit meringue tart, Chocolate cake, Tomato raspberry charlotte.

Meringues, Rum baba, Summer pudding.

Fruits, crepe, scones and ice cream section. Raisin scone and citrus scone with crème fraiche and fruits jam. The scones were very ordinary.

A pot of hot tea would cost  $18 if you order alacarte. But since it was buffet, we ordered a couple of hot teas and one cold tea to try. Hot/ice chocolate and coffees are available too.

We ordered Apple dreams( Fresh fruity apples blended with lemon grass and scented with citrus aroma) and Fancy Sencha( premium large-leafed Sencha, delicate tartness with a breath of sweetness).

Mango ice tea. The “ice cubes” are made from the tea itself to prevent dilution from ice cubes made from water.

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