The Venetian Macau

The Venetian: our stay for 2 nights 🙂

The hotel suite was huge. The bedroom and the living room

I think every girl will love this, because I certainly did XD

The 2nd television in the living room.Our stay at Venetian includes daily breakfast at many restaurants and cafes in the hotel.

On the first morning we went to Café Deco, the main café for buffet breakfast. It was terrible. The food was average, it was very crowded and there were long queues for the food. The wait staff could not cope with the workload; the plates were hardly cleared, and it was noisy.

So on the 2nd morning we avoided the main café and went to this western café instead. The salads, cheese and breads were free flow but we had to choose our mains from a menu. The environment was more peaceful and quiet plus the food was much better in terms of taste and quality compared to the Main café buffet breakfast.

Mexican breakfast

Pancakes with orange flavored maple syrup

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