1-caramel is located at 1-rochester. I had my ROM at Roast @ 1-Rochester, walked past 1-caramel on the way to the Bridal Room and noticed cute cupcakes.

I visited in Dec 2011, the attitude of the staff was quite a turn off. I hope the management has rectified this problem. The service from the restaurant downstairs and from the wedding planners were great, so I was quite shocked when we were treated with a “could not care less” attitude from 1-caramel staff.

There was only another table occupied but water took ages to arrive. The staff seemed reluctant to serve water too. Due to the structure of the place(L-shaped), it was hard to catch the staff’s attention. I had to walk to the kitchen to tell the staff I wanted to order something extra.

My salty caramel cupcake. This was very yummy. Well-balanced taste of saltiness and sweetness

Dear’s slutty cupcake, chocolate sort of thing with marshmallows which was rich and very sweet

Vanilla soufflé with strawberry ice cream. This was superb too.

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