Brussel Sprouts

At East Coast to check out Brussel Sprouts, a Belgium Bar and Bistro set up by celebrity chef Emmanuel Strootbant. Brussel Sprouts is a great place for chilling out and for booze lovers; the bar serves more than a hundred types of beers.

It was a hot afternoon and Brussel Sprouts does not have air-conditioning, it was very warm, I felt like I was in an oven. Sitting near the fans was not an option for me because my hair would be blown all over the place making it impossible to eat. I enjoyed the mussels and would return for more, but in the evening to avoid the heat.

Meatballs braised in dark beer sauce, onion and mustard served with Pomme croquettes 7.5/10. It was very yummy but the serving was rather small.Meridionale mussels: Saffron, tomato, garlic, herb de province, olive oil, butter, onion, parsley. I enjoyed these very much.

Fries are refillable(comes with the mussels), served with tartar sauce, but I found it tasted better when I dipped them into the sauce that the mussels were cooked in. The friendly staff were quick to refill the fries, which were always served hot and crisp.

Note: This review was written based on my visit in late 2011

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