Lunch at Canele, Paragon. I found the food was just average, and the menu choices were limited. The desserts fared better then the savories, although I don’t find them as good as TWG or Antoinette.

The ice chocolate was a dismally disappointing-watery and bland.Chicken Caesar salad. This was satisfying, I came back to have this again on my 2nd visit.

Club sandwich. Impressive portion, great taste!Baked Fruit Tart: Flaky almond tart swelling with sweet almond cream and succulent voluptuous sour cherries. I liked how the sourness of the cherries balanced out the sweetness of the almond cream. Thumbs up for this dessert!

Rose Macaroon. A colleague recommended me to try this. I found the rich rose flavor overpowering, like bandung. I prefer TWG’s light, tea infused macaroons.

Tarte Citron: A buttery crumble tart covered with Zesty Lemon curd and candied lemon peel.

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