Visited Antoinette, by Chef Pang, several times since last year. When the quintessential Parisian patisserie and restaurant first opened, service was rather slow and inattentive. It was quite a turn off since dining here is not cheap. A drink, mains and dessert would set you back about $40/pax after service charge and GST.

However, ever since Antoinette hired a manager, service standards turned for the better. The manager’s positive vibes and friendliness makes it more enjoyable to visit Antoinette.Vanilla infused hot chocolate. As chocolate lover, this is pure bliss

Ice Royale Chocolate. Spiced with cinnamon, orange, star anise, cloves and vanilla. I did not like the taste due to the spices, it tasted weird to me.I am so glad to see the serving of the ice chocolate seem to have increased. The size of the glass is larger, but the drink retains the same thickness and quality. Dear likes Antoinette’s chocolate drink so much that he quick to drink a gulp before I could take a picture.

Almond and chocolate base croissant.

Salad Antoinette: Crab meat, boiled egg, yuzu dressing, tomato, pine nuts, toasted brioche and mixed green. It was very yummy and refreshing but there were pieces of crab cartilage inside the salad, which made it a chore to finish the dish.

Burger Royale: Pan-fried beef patty on brioche bread, mayonnaise, homemade tomato relish, lettuce, red onions, mustard, aged cheddar cheese, chips, and petit salad with house dressing. This was fantastic, the beef patty was thick, juicy and flavorsomeBurger Antoinette: Pan fried apple, brioche bread, chicken leg patty, pommery mustard mayonnaise, butter lettuce, onions chutney, chips, and petite salad with house dressing. Another well-prepared mains, however I prefer the beef burger.

Club honey baked ham: pain de mie toast, honey backed ham, omelette, mayonnaise, plump tomato, potato chips, fresh lettuce and petit salad with house dressing. Absolutely delish with a serving portion fit for a king.

Antoinette breakfast: Choice of egg with grilled bacon and sausage, pain de Mie toast, Basket of viennoiseries and orange juice/ coffee/ hot chocolate. Classic Eggs Florentine. Served on toasted brioche, wilted spinach, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce and salad with house dressing. Usually served with ham, Sis changed it to smoke salmonScrambled with smoked duck breast served with sautéed mushroom and herbs, homemade pain mie toad tans salad with house dressing. Delightful cooking however the portion is disappointing, felt ripped off!French toast with salty caramel served with crème Chantilly. Fantastic and a must try!Delightful blueberry pancakesStrawberry shortcake: Japanese shortcake sponge, kirsh syrup, fresh strawberries, crème Chantilly. Best Strawberry shortcake I have tasted so far!Antoinette : Milk chocolate mousse infused with earl grey tea chocolate biscuit, raspberry coulis dark chocolate, earl grey tea cremeux, earl grey tea crumble. A tad too sweet for my liking.Chloe macaroon (citrus yoghurt yuzu) and a violet cake (violet flower cake, raspberry marmalade, violet flower cream, kirsch). The macaroon was very sweet. The violet cake was lovely, light and delicate.Religieuse of caramel with fleur de sel: Choux pastry, caramel cream perfumed with fleur de sel, caramel glaze and caramel butter cream
Passion Macaroon: milk chocolate with passionfruit gancheEarl grey ice cream, another win for Antoinette

I love dark chocolate.Cute way of presenting the billLooking forward to more visits to this lovely place!

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