At Resort Word Sentosa with an Individual Expression dress I bought at 50% off from Tangs. But I only got to wear this once, because it was ruin by the washing machine. Sobs!

My first time dining in a Chinese fine dining restaurant, super excited XD. Chinois, by celebrity chef Susur Lee, is part of the Tung Luk group. The décor is stylish, zen and elegant.

Chinois amuse bouche

Crispy fried mushroom dumpling with wasabi mayo sauce. Pan fried carrot cake with preserved meat.

Steamed prawn siew mai with black truffle. Instead of the usual flour “skin”, it was replaced with the truffle. I dislike Siew Mai to the MAX. Dad loves dim sum and I had to eat Siew Mai every week when I was younger. But Chinois Siew Mai was yummy, thanks to the truffle and fresh prawn.

Braised shark’s fin with freshly peeled crab meat in hot and sour soup. I usually don’t like hot and sour soup but this was fantastic and the flavors balanced very well, I was craving for more.

Braised deep sea fish fillet with sauteed eggplants served with spicy bean paste. The fish was fresh and cooked to perfection, firm enough to grip with chopsticks and yet so soft in the mouth. Eggplant and vegetables were impressive too.

Pan fried egg noodles with king prawn and white egg
I felt this dish was average,it was nice but lacked that special touch that which the first 3 courses and dessert had.

Chilled home made soya pudding with sesame. The pudding was soooooo soft and silky and the sesame sauce complemented the soya pudding perfectly.

Left Chinois feeling pleased and satisfied, both with the food and service.

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