Christmas at Chihuly Lounge

For Christmas 2011, my girlfriends and I went for an afternoon tea buffet at Chihuly Lounge, Ritz Carlton Hotel. Every 3 months, the hotel would change the buffet spread. This was my second visit for this buffet and I found the Christmas Themed Desserts a tad too sweet, heavy and there was too much chocolate (which made me feel a bit sick). During my previous visit, a better assortment of desserts was served.

We dressed up for the occasion; a chic Martina Pink jacket and pants for me. Chihuly lounge is cold, I wore a sleeveless dress the last time I was here and was sneezing most of the time.

Blackcurrant iced tea and Passion Fruit iced tea. The “ice cubes” were made from the tea itself, rather than water which would dilute the flavour. Among all the ice tea, I am fond of Blackcurrant the most. For the hot teas, my favourite would be Vanilla, followed by Strawberry yogurt tea. Because the Strawberry yogurt tea is sour, I like to have it with desserts, it prevents my taste buds from getting a “sweetness overdose”. The Strawberry yogurt tea has an attractive pinkish red hue.

Baby Eggplant and avocado herb salsa. Marinated prawn with Thai mango chili salsa. Scallop confit with pink ginger and salmon roe. Poached chicken roll with apricot, Japanese edamame and seaweed salsa. Prawns and scallops were very fresh.

Beef Pastrami with ice berg lettuce and Gherkin in Parmesan Roll. Cucumber and Egg Mayonnaise with cream fraiche sandwich. Smoked salmon sandwich. Smoked chicken with tomato and cucumber in almond roll.

Baked sesame breaded scallop and kaffir lime syrup(my favourite savory dish, had many helpings). Poached chorizo sausage and grilled potato. Pork Gyoza with spicy korma dressing(well balanced and mix meat and vegetables in the Gyoza). Baked stuffed seafood in bread puff with sweet prawn paste (great alone and even better combined with the sweet prawn paste dressing).

Home made turkey and liver pate in crusty pastry with Giblet sauce. Too much pastry which blanketed the flavour of the filling.

Whisky, chestnut and chocolate (very rich, I could not eat more than 3 mouthfuls). Macaroons (cute design but excessively sweet). Strawberry transparence(delicate dessert). Caramelia tart with apricot compote.

Peanut butter cheese cake( heavenly!), Orange and hazelnut cake(not nice). Chocolate log cake( melt-in-your-mouth goodness). Pistachio mouse and cranberry jelly(very very sour, a welcome change from all the sweets, the tree is made from white chocolate).

Fig and cherry, a forgettable dessert.Fruits and marshmallows for the chocolate fondue

Look at W’s masterpiece!

Scones and crepes station. The scones had no improvement from the mediocre quality compared to my last visit.

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