Coffee Stars by Dao

I wanted to try Mille Crepe cake and I found that Coffee Stars by Dao serves it. Coffee Stars by Dao at Wisma Atria, is a popular coffee chain from Thailand. The menu boasts a wide variety of Thai and Western Dishes.

There was nothing fantastic about the food, but the Mille Crepe Cake was a total let down. The Thai waitress who served us was attentive but she did not have a good grasp of English, making it difficult for us to convey requests. For example I wanted to reserve the Mille Crepe cake in case it ran out when I finished my dinner, she misunderstood and served the cake before the mains arrived. >_<

Aromatic grilled pork and sticky rice. Well marinated and tasty pork.

Tom yum sea bass clear.

Stir fried glass noodles in spicy soy bean paste. This was not nice.

Black olives and chicken fried rice.

Vanilla Mille crepe cake with raspberry sauce. From the pictures I view from the internet, Mille Crepe cake usually have about 25 or more layers. But Coffee Stars by Dao only has 7 layers…and too much cream.

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