TWG has everything I adore: Lovely teas, delicious food, delightful sweets, luxurious ambience and impeccable service. The music TWG plays is beautiful, I was so attracted to one of the Spanish songs that I asked for its name, and now it is my hand-phone ring tone.

TWG stands for the “The Wellness Group”. I can go in there feeling like crap and walk out feeling…well, well again! This is a phenomenon caused by fine tea and sweets XD

The list of teas available is mind-boggling, there is a menu for the name and price of the tea, and an encyclopedia for the description of the teas. You can have the teas hot or cold.

Hot teas are served in an insulated pot and it is not refillable. Hot flower teas are served in a glass pot and it is refillable only once. Cold teas are served in a huge glass, with separate small container of syrup, and is not refillable. The amount of tea in a pot and in the glass is the same, although the pot looks bigger (I have checked with the staff about this).

It is costly to dine at TWG, but bargain hunter me have found a cheaper way to visit frequently without burning a hole in my pockets. Target the weekday set meals~~~! If you order ala carte, your bill would most likely be like this: $12 for tea, $26 for mains, $9.50 for the cheapest dessert=$47.50++

But for weekday set meals (lunch and dinner), it cost $35++ for tea, mains and dessert. The catch is the mains is fixed, but you can change the tea and the dessert if you don’t like what it listed on the set menu. If you change to a tea that cost more than $11.50/12.00, you have to top up the difference. As for the desserts, you can select from the assorted desserts in the trolley. Every TWG kitchen serves a different main which stays the same from Monday to Friday but changes every week.

If for whatever reason you can’t eat a certain animal meat, just call another branch to check out what they are serving. The branches do not usually serve the same meat each week for the set meal. If you want to call to check what main course they are serving, call on Monday because they only know what is going to be on the set menu on Monday morning.

TWG’s specialty is to infuse tea into their foods and desserts. A picture paints a thousand words so I am going to stop my yakking and let the pictures do the talking.

In an Individual Expression dress, outside of TWG Ion level 2.In another Individual expression outfit, in TWG.

Dessert Trolley

My first visit was for tea and dessert. Raspberry mille-feuille, my all time favorite dessert, and according to the staff, their best seller.Raspberry tart

My second visit was with my MIL to have Brunch.

 Warm scones served with whipped cream and tea jelly.

Warm and moist cranberry and blueberry muffins.PATHETIC serving of freshly squeezed apple and orange juice. I expected a full size glass not some miniature!

Celebration tea and Enchanted beauty teaMagret of duck in filo pastry: smoked magret of duck and carrots wrapped in crisp filo pastry and served with arugula salad tossed in spiced route tea infused vinaigrette.Huge serving with lots of meat! I was half dead after I finished my mains.

Lobster timbale: Marinated lobster and avocado timbale scattered with coriander and chives served with spinach shoot salad drizzled with love me tea infused
vinaigrette. Generous serving of lobster, MIL was struggling to finish

Raspberry crème brulee cake.Vanilla pudding with rhubarb, raspberry, macaron, white chocolate with gold flakes on a tart base.

Set dinner with K…

…in a Martina pink

Caramelized chicken drumstick accompanied with mashed potatoes served in onion marmalade. Served with a creamy orange sauce infused with Sweet France Tea. With a soft warmed herb bun

Handmade mango sable delicately layered with a fragrant mango and an airy Chantilly cream infused with Alfonso tea, crowned with a crispy meringue.

Took Mom for set lunchPan seared tuna steak accompanied with polenta cake. Served with a fragrant mango salsa infused with Lemon Bush tea sauce. This was the worst mains I tried so far, the tuna steak was dry and bland.Financiers with Matcha tea and Madeleines with Earl Grey Fortune Tea served with TWG tea jelly and whipped cream.

Brought Mum to try the Afternoon Tea Set meal, which comes with a sandwich, a tea and a dessert from the trolley. I feel that the afternoon Tea Set is not value for as the serving for the sandwiches is very small. At $32++ for the afternoon tea set, I consider it more worthwhile to have the set lunch or dinner at $35++

Mom had the Imperial sandwich set: Foie gras, Chicken with Comptoir des Indes Tea infused crème fraîche, Cucumber with cream cheese infused with Earl Grey Fortune.

I ordered the Royal sandwich set: Prawn with Silver Moon Tea infused cream,
Smoked salmon with Mascarpone and chives, Roma tomato and Moroccan Mint Tea infused sauce.
Grand Wedding Tea, Passion Fruit & Coconut macaron. My favorite macaroon so far, not overly sweet with a touch of sourness from the passion fruit and interesting crunch from the coconut bits.

Green apple mousse, blue berries on a chocolate base with a white chocolate ring.

Hazelnut dessert

Another mains from the set lunch: Pan seared dory fish accompanied with sautéed fine bean, asparagus, sundried tomato and spicy yellow bell pepper sauce infused with India night tea

Handmade chocolate financier topped with Sakura! Sakura! Tea infused cheesecake and drizzled in a refreshing cherry coulis

Occasionally, I am rewarded with complimentary macaroons by the staff 🙂

Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Tel: 6735 1837

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    1. Madame Chewy

      Thanks Anne 🙂
      its from Individual expression, also known as IE
      This label has private boutiques and is also available in Tangs
      I bought this dress a long time ago, dont think its available now…
      They do have many other pretty designs though…

  1. Gary

    Hi, I’m looking for the title of TWG song you mentioned. Could you email me the song title? Thank you very much.

    1. Madame Chewy

      Hi Natalie,
      Yes both the duck and the lobster main dish are delicious and substantial! I would say the filo pastry is different from poh piah…it tastes buttery and is slightly crisp. I dont eat poh piah often…from my memory, poh piah skin is more bland and the texture is more chewy.


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