Note: Novus has closed

Pleasant dinner with W during Restaurant week a few months back. I had dinner at Boathouse and lunch at Galribaldi, I felt Novus served the best meal and had the best service.

Novus is located at the National Museum of Singapore, serving modern European Cuisine with premium ingredients from around the world.A long bar greeted me upon arrival; a staff was quick to direct me to the adjourning classy restaurant. The food was delectable, portions were satisfying and service was attentive. Novus dessert, Valrhona Chocolate Test was simply divine, creative and a must try!

Generous bread basket. I like the soft dinner rolls very much and asked the staff for 1 more…

The staff gave me 3!

Amuse Bouche: Pasta, avocado, cheese, vege

Novus provides an educational information card of the dish before serving it. A very special touch!

Heirloom Tomato: Seasonal salad of heirloom tomatoes, prawns, avocado, radish.

Foie Gras Anglaise: Goose live custard, duck confit, gingko nuts, truffle salsa, parmesan foam

Lobster Risotto: Carnaroli risotto, Canadian lobster, shellfish stock, oven cheery tomatoes, fennel. I expected a few pieces of lobster and was pleasantly surprised by the generous serving lobster meat.

Black Angus Beef: Black angus beef tenderloin sauce provide, grilled asparagus, triple cooked French fries.

I wish the serving of the fries was larger because they were yummy!

Valrhona Chocolate Test. When I first saw this dessert, I though it looked complicated and didn’t know where to start. The staff explained that we should consume it from left to right, starting from the lighter 33% aerated mousse to the stronger flavoured 85% dehydrated chocolate. W and I were so fascinated with this dessert we kept taking pictures of it before we began eating it, by the time we came to the 66% sorbet, it was half melted =_=

Curd Soufflé: warm blueberry sauce, buttermilk ice cream. This was lovely, but paled in comparison to the creativity of the Valrhona Chocolate Test dessert.

At the end of the dinner, we were presented with a gift, a cupcake! This was the first time i encountered this and thought the gesture was very thoughtful. Saved me from walking all the way to Plaza Singapura to buy breakfast for work the next day.

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