Tien Court

Experience the art of Chinese fine dining at Tien Court at Copthrone King’s Hotel. Master Chef Ho Tien Tsai has made appearances in several episodes of cooking programs aired in Channel 8. Tien court serves a mix of Cantonese and Si Chuan cuisine. I have been here several times since Tien Court is my FIL’s favorite restaurant; my pictures are a collation from different visits.

The food was ALWAYS good and the service was ALWAYS impeccable (may be due to the fact my FIL is a regular)

It was MIL’s birthday so we booked a private room to celebrate.

The edamame, XO sauce dried shrimp, and black beans are delicious. FIL and Hubby love the XO sauce dried shrimp very much so they would order one bowl of it =_=. Steam chicken with loads of alcohol, which turned me off from the dish.

Longevity buns. Too many for 4 of us to finish…..

$80 per bowl shark’s fin soup. For this outrageous price, it BETTER be good, and it was fantastic! But with that money one can eat a Melt buffet and I would rather go for a buffet, not ONE bowl of soup….

Charcoal steam boat which was prepared by the staff outside the private room.

The various dips for the upcoming steam boat dishes

The soup broth was full of flavor. First we had lobster and fish followed by abalone, shark’s fin and scallops.

Tofu, chicken and enoki mushrooms. Cabbage with Vermicelli

Another dinner: Clear shark fin’s soup and lotus root soup

Peking duck. The duck skin is crispy with no fat on it.

Xo sauce prawns with asparagus. A tad salty but still yummy.

Steamed fish which was very fresh.

Typical spinach with salted egg and century egg. Noodles with duck meat from the Peking duck. Another dinner: Fried mushroom coated with foie gras, hot and sour soup, Lotus root soup. The mushroom dish is my favorite dish at Tien Court. The hot and sour soup is decent, but Chinois does it better. Steamed cod fish with salted vegetables, tofu and mushrooms. A very healthy dish that left me yearning for moreSalted egg prawns(must try!), sweet and sour pork, garlic do miao.

Steamed cod fillet with crispy bread crumbs, Pan fried venison with garlic, Clay pot chicken with battleground. The steamed cod fillet with crispy bread crumbs is one of Tien Court’s signature dishes.

I like how Tien Court serves their Orh Nee, elegantly in a mini bowl. After a filling dinner, the last thing I wish to see is Orh Nee served in a huge bowl in the middle of the table, and the staff plopping it unceremoniously into smaller bowls which is usually the case for most Chinese restaurants. When you are feeling very full, that kind of spoils your appetite. Since Orh Nee is very rich and filling, Tien Court’s small portion size is perfect way to end to a satisfying meal.

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