Haagen Dazs Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea affair at Haagen Dazs with MIL. We had a 30% discount coupon so we went to try it, during breakfast time. We are such healthy folks…lol.

3 mini scoops of Strawberry, Belgium chocolate and Cookie cough chip ice cream.

6  ice cream macaroons and a refreshing selection of fruitsThe set comes with 4 cups of drinks. They serve about 6 types of coffee and 4 types of tea. Cappuccino and mocha; forgot to take pics of the tea.

Afternoon tea is meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace but because it was ice cream, we were racing against time to get it into our stomachs before they melted. It was nice, but I would not be willing to pay full price and rush through afternoon tea.

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