Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant

Bought a groupon for Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant at M hotel. The original price of the food is exorbitant and I don’t think its worth it to dine here paying full price. By using the groupon the savings was about 50-60%.Service was decent, the food was served very quickly. Everything must have been well prepared in advance. The food was fantastic! I enjoyed this meal every much, Hubby even told me he wishes to dine here again. It was very quiet at on a Saturday afternoon, only 2 other tables were occupied, I enjoyed the peaceful ambience.

Sashimi: I don’t eat Sashimi, Hubby felt it was fresh and delicious. Wafu salad: mixed salad with seaweed in vinegar sauce, balanced taste and refreshing. Home made pitan tofu: delicate dish, I felt healthy eating it. Grilled salmon with spicy cod roe sauce:  flavoursome but a tad too salty.

Wagyu tenderloin beef with mixed mushroom: I found his too salty.Steamed custard egg with Hokkaido red salmon roe. Soba: soup broth is just right, not too salty.Finished the meal with some yucky green tea and mango ice cream.

Opps, nearly missed this out;  Signature Hokkaido Mai: sushi roll with deep fried seafood wrapped in seaweed, top with flying fish roe. This was divine! I love the interesting crunchy texture of the sushi.

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant
M Hotel
81 Anson Road
Level 9
Tel: 6221 3075

6 thoughts on “Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant

  1. Yin Wang

    Thanks for the very detailed review. I also saw the groupon promotion $25 for $50 worth of Sushi and Sashimi. But I have no idea of how is their price like, in terms of how much I can get for $50? Or maybe you can share the Sashimi plate’s price as a benchmark in your review.

    1. Madame Chewy

      It was a Groupon deal but I dont think its the Teppayaki set. This is because from what I observed, Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant seems to come up with new set meals for every Groupon deal period…hope this helps…

    1. Madame Chewy

      Hi Philip, glad this post whets your appetite 🙂
      This is a set meal, not a buffet.
      It cost $50 nett per person.
      From what the restaurant claims, the meal cost about $120/person; but we made use of the groupon deal and save heaps!


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