Paradise Dynasty

Visited Paradise Dynasty as I was attracted by their colourful Xiao Long Bao. It was a pain to get in, the restaurant does not accept reservations and we queue for about 30 mins.It seems the restaurant was short on staff. On a weekday dinner, we waited ages for someone to come and take our order and even to serve tea. The staff worked as fast as they could but still could not cope with the crowd.

Below is correct sequence to eat the Xiao Long Bao; from the milder flavored ones to the full flavored ones.

I felt that the multi-coloured Xiao Long Baos was just a novelty, they certainly didn’t taste as good as they looked. Ding Tai fung does Xiao Long Baos better. Amongst the 8 flavours, I consider the cheese one the best and the sze chuan one the worst.

Guo Tia and Dan Dan Mian were average according to my friend.

Forgettable preserved vegetables noodles in pork bone soup

Horrendous Soufflé egg white stuffed with red bean and banana.

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