Morton’s The Steakhouse (+lovely surprise)

Was looking through at photos back in 2010 and came across pictures of dinner at Morton’s. Morton’s, a steakhouse from Chicago, is located at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. On a side note Mandarin Oriental hotel houses fantastic F&B establishments; I have been impressed several times by Melt, Mortons, and my wedding banquet dinner (will blog about that soon).

This was the first time I stepped into such a fancy establishment. The lighting was very dim, making it difficult for photos

A waitress came up our table with a trolley of props and started to give a presentation of the food served and the meats used. She was talking like a machine gun, I had no idea what she was saying. After she completed the presentation, she passed the menus to us.

Dear love the steaks here; he thinks they are exceptional. I mentioned before I love Caesar salads, crabs and chocolate molten cakes, hence Dear brought me here to surprise me.

Complimentary Onion loaf was massive and so yummy that I kept eating it, Dear had to stop me to save stomach space for the good stuff coming  up shortly.

Caesar salad was excellent. I would love to have this again the next time I visit

Dear’s steak; huge serving of juicy , succulent and tender meat, cooked to perfection.

My Alaskan king crab. I was amazed at the size of the jumbo crab legs, Dear should only have ordered 2,  I was stuffed after the mains. There was melted butter and olive oil to accompany the meat but I preferred Chinese ways of cooking crab. *Thinks about Melben’s*

Morton’s legendary chocolate lava cake.

With such sincerity, I can’t say no….
When we left the table, the manager came to shake Dear’s hand to congratulate him. LOL

I took a peek of the bill and it was a hefty $250 *vomits*; told Dear I do not wish to dine here again unless there is a promotion.

Morton’s The Steakhouse
Mandarin Oriental Singapore
5 Raffles Ave
Level 4
Tel:6339 3740

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