Yan Ting Part 2

Yan Ting’s divine dim sum and exquisite dishes were mind-blowing; we thoroughly enjoyed the food as well as the grandeur ambiance. I would definitely return again as I would like to treat my parents (living overseas) to this little luxury.

In order to try a wider variety of dishes, I suggest requesting for smaller portions. For my review on Yan Ting part one, click here. Edit 03/02/2014: Do check out my blog post on Yan Ting Weekend Brunch Revisited too 🙂

Yan ting has ceased serving shark fin soup since July 2012 and replaced it with double boiled abalone with chicken soup. The soup was flavorsome yet not salty; the abalone was chewy and springy.

Each diner is only served 1 bowl of abalone soup and one portion of lobster, which can be prepared in 3 different styles. All 3 methods of preparation were fantastic.

Wok-baked with garlic and butter

Gratinated with cheese and bacon

Wok-baked with superior stock and spring onions

Whenever there is salted egg yolk bun, I would surely order it. Its my favorite dim sum, so much so that my husband proposed to me with a salted egg yolk bun. View the proposal here: My memorable marriage proposal

Don’t you just want to slurp up this smooth liquid? XDSteam barbequed pork bun was a joy to eat; the filling was ample and the bun was as soft as cloud.

Deep fried soft shell crab: surprisingly not oily at all.

Combination barbeque platter consisting of barbequed pork, soya sauce chicken, crispy roasted pork and roasted duck. Our favorite was the crispy roasted pork, the skin was crackling while the meat melts in the mouth. The limited fat content is great for health conscious folks.

Poached cod fish with Chinese cabbage in superior broth was fresh, with a delicate flavor.

Deep fried prawns with mayonnaise followed by deep fried prawns coated with crispy cereal. The prawns were positively large, juicy and fresh. The crispy cereal was a tad too spicy for me, but just right for hubby who has a penchant for spicy foods.Deep fried live Soon Hook was cooked to perfection with no hint of fishiness.

Stirred fried scallops with honey beans and Chinese olives was rather ordinary.

Braised seafood broth with shimeiji mushrooms

Pumpkin soup bursting with flavor

Hot and spicy crab meat broth was a hit for me. The soup was not too spicy so I could enjoy it without reaching for ice water after each mouthful.

Crispy skin roulette with shrimp and seaweed.

Poached spinach with anchovies

Braised Chinese cabbage with dried scallops in golden broth. Excellent dish, I didn’t know vegetables can taste this good!!!

Egg noodles Mee Pok with shredded chicken was impressive.; the Mee Pok had a springy texture.

Sauteed prawn with XO sauce. It was nice but paled in comparison to the deep fried prawns with mayonnaise and deep fried prawns coated with crispy cereal.

Slow cooked pork belly with golden crispy man tou. The meat was tender and the crispy fried man tou was a creative change to from usual steam bun.

Desserts desserts desserts! We had  another stomach for 5 different varieties.

First up, crispy sesame ball filled with malt balls chocolate. An interesting rendition of the usual sesame ball filled with oh-so-boring red bean paste. Sink your teeth into textured sesame pastry, and be surprised by a hard layer of chocolate. Bite in further and let warm chocolate liquid flow!

Crispy red bean and banana fritters.

Refreshing aloe vera jelly with fresh fruits. I am fond of sour stuff; it contained a considerable amount of passion fruit.

Mini egg tarts were simply DIVINE. Most places served their egg tarts either at room temperature or slightly warm, but Yan Ting’s egg tarts were piping hot, fresh out of the oven. This is the first time I have come across egg tarts that melt in the mouth. Second serving please!

Ended our feast with steamed sponge cake with egg custard. Wish I had could have more of these but unfortunately I was stuffed to the max.

Happy and satisfied :).  Yan Ting has truly the best dim sum in Singapore (check out my review on the a la carte dim sum menu here) The last time I had such fantastic(and cute cartoon designed) dim sum was in Hong Kong Disneyland Crystal Lotus Character Dim Sum; view my review here.

Yan Ting Weekend Buffet Brunch
$98++ per adult
St Regis Hotel
29 Tanglin Road
6506 6887

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