Mandarin Oriental Wedding Showcase

Choosing a wedding dinner venue was important for Dear and myself. We wanted to serve our guests quality food, in an elegant ambiance.  From the feedback of my colleagues, parent in laws and Singapore Brides Forums, Mandarin Oriental has a good track record of serving delicious wedding banquets and providing impeccable service.Dear called me early in the morning to ensure I woke up in time to get there. This was the first time he did that and I found kiasu but rather amusing. We turned up at the wedding show 30 mins before it started; we were the first couple there. Thank goodness for that because Dear’ colleague came after lunchtime and had to wait for 3 hours to speak with a wedding coordinator.

The huge ladies was tastefully furnished with a center table for guests touch up their makeup; hand towels, tissues, fragrant hand cleanser and lotion are provided.

If couples wish to hold their solemnization ceremony on the same day of the banquet, the hotel would set up the following in the cabana by the poolside.

Couples can also have their tea ceremony in an intimate room in Mandarin Oriental. Since our tea ceremony and solemnisation would be held elsewhere, we requested for canapés to be served during the cocktail period before the dinner

Timeless and romantic Love Theme : Candles, flowing organza drapes, candelabras adorned with ivory flowers.

Mystical Dream Theme:  candles, silvery plates, lush-black draped chairs. I feel this theme would look better in dark silver shimmery linen rather than black.

White wedding Dazzle Theme; harmonized with shades of lilac and sparkles. This was the theme we chose.

Glamorous and chinois chic Happiness Theme: Silk lantern centre prices, luxe tassel decorations, passionate red hues

Cute Sweetheart theme: Pink roses, fluffy hearts, candles

I would blog more about my wedding experience in Mandarin Oriental in a few weeks time. It would feature pictures and reviews on the banquet food, service, hotel suite, and breakfast.

Unlike most wedding venues that serve Chinese dessert, Mandarin Oriental serves individually plated western  desserts.  Mandarin Oriental is very confident of their western desserts and would recommend couples to choose their signature baked chocolate pudding with vanilla sauce. If couples prefer Chinese desserts, they are available on request.

Tiramisu, Warm chocolate pudding with vanilla sauce, Hazelnut Royaltine, Alfonso Mango

Mandarin Oriental changes their dummy cakes once they look worn out so there are different designs every few months. I strongly encourage brides to book their dummy cakes a few months before the wedding because there is only 1 piece for each design. I requested for my dummy cake late, so I didn’t manage to get the design I like the most.

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Disclaimer: Pictures and descriptions of wedding themes were derived from my wedding coordinator’s email and Singapore Bride’s Mandarin Oriental webpage.

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  1. Baoyi

    Hi, can share with me the additional perks offer during the wedding showcase as I’ll be meeting the coordinator soon and wish to bargain with her as I do not wish to wait till April showcase.

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Hi Baoyi,

      Well, it depends on the coordinator and how aggressive you are. My friend managed to hassle out better perks than me!


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