My Wedding Videos by Unique Colours

Did an underwater shoot with Unique Colours in April for the save the date shoot. We had to do the retake underwater and running scene several times, so tiring! Although it was exhausting, we had a lot of fun and laughs because I “NG” many times as I could not stay in the water long enough, floating up many times with my hair like Sadako.

I got a maxi dress from Island shop; had to wear a long skirt for the underwater shoot.

We were very pleased with the save the date shoot and wedding highlights that Unique colors produced. Unique Colours distinguishes itself from other cinematographers by videoing from creative angles plus filming an outdoor shoot on the actual wedding day.

During the filming of the save the date shoot. This “merry go round” is not stable so the poor videographer has to hold the edge and run around pushing it. He looked quite dazed at the end of this scene.

A picture after completing the underwater shoot.

Click here for Save the date video

Click here for Wedding highlights video (best viewed in large player, not full screen)

Many of my guests enjoyed the wedding highlights, complimenting that it was different from many other wedding videos they have watched

Unique Colours were very professional; I highly recommend couples to consider engaging them!

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