Off to Europe!

Off to Europe for our honeymoon for about 3 weeks; pardon me if I am unable to reply questions or approve  comments. I have prepared some drafts on my Actual Day Wedding Pictures and would post it up if I happen to find wifi during the trip, so stay tuned!

Bought some new stuff in preparation for the holiday 🙂

Cardigan from Martina Pink I picked up during a sale/Leggings and scarf from Uniqlo. Uniqlo clothes are really good value; it cost me about $38 for the leggings and $16 for the scarf. The materials are soft and comfortable.

Cardigans from Far East plaza Viola, 2 for $40. Great bargain!

Grey wool cardigan from Uniqlo $40/ Modal and Prodal thermal wear $23.90/Grey Uniqlo long sleeve cotton top(usually $16 but I got it at $9). Modal is made of fiber mixed with milk protein, giving a soft and supple feel on the skin. Prodal is an improved update of Modal launched after I purchased the latter; the material is softer and less prone to crinkles.

Coloured leggings to add a different touch to my outfits from Citrus Sox app $14 each

Snacks and noodles for supper Yummmsss

Neck support from Wastons, app $29. Its much more expensive than travel neck pillows so it had better be good!Cole Haan leather shoes with Nike Air Technology Staccato nude flats

Hand-carry bag in a sweet lilac shade

Did gelish on my nails XD

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    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Hi Annabel,

      I find that is it good, I slept loads with it on the plane and coach. And the best thing is, it does not mess up my makeup, unlike the usual neck pillow will rub against the jawline and bottom cheeks 🙂


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