Wedding Photoshoot: Behind The Scenes

Some photos taken by my MIL while she assisted us with the outdoor shoot 🙂

It was a cool day yet I felt so hot in the gown. Singapore not a good place to take outdoor shots, the warm and humid environment can make brides grumpy.

It was tiring to hold a pose while the photographer adjusts his camera

Hubby had a fun throwing up my skirt for the “flowy skirt” effect picture. Erm…lesser strength please!Off to the National Museum, air-conditioning is here, yeah!

Love the details on my silver gown…The photo shoot ended at about 6pm. Happy to return home to have a shower and rest. It was tiring wearing heavy gowns all day.Click here for Wedding Photo-shoot Part 1

Click here for Wedding Photo-shoot Part 2

Click here for Wedding Photo-shoot Part 3

10 thoughts on “Wedding Photoshoot: Behind The Scenes

  1. Madeline

    Great! I tried emailing you last time as I was hoping to quote your name when I go down to Rico. Maybe it went to junk mail. Thanks! My wedding is next year 18 oct so there’s still a long way to go 🙂

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Oh that’s strange as I always make it a point to answer all my emails, but I don’t check my junk mail so perhaps it really went there. I visited your blog and wanted to leave some comments but it keeps saying “Your OpenID credentials could not be verified.”….

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Hi Madeline,

      Good to hear that you are happy with Rico and Fann!

      I like my AD gown very much because the design is not a tube, which I feel uncomfortable wearing.
      Also I have fats at my armpit area so a tube cannot them, so in AD pics it will be very obvious because no photographer will have time to Photoshop this flaw in every pic

      We can email each other…my email add is 🙂

      Have fun with your wedding planning XD

  2. Madeline

    Hi I signed up with Rico A Mona yesterday for my bridal package. Specifically asked for Fann due to your recommendation and she was a dear. Was deciding between sophia wedding and Rico but decided on Rico as I felt I had more affinity with Fann as she knows exactly what kind of gowns suit me. Tried 5 gowns and coincidentally one of the gowns was the gown in your first few pics in this post. I wanted to quote you but realised I didn’t know your name!

  3. Catherine


    Do you have the personal contact of Milly’s?
    As I would like to find a freelance make-up artist and I can see she has done a wonderful job for you, I would like to engage her service if she does freelance too.

    Thanks aplenty in advance!

    1. Madame Chewy Post author

      Hi Catherine,

      Pls drop me an email with you contact number and I will get Milly to contact you. Not sure whether she can do freelance though, because from the last I heard, she is on working permit, so she can only service clients from Rico and Digio.

      My email is

  4. Jasmine Tan

    Hi , may i know the photographer you use? I may consider using the same photographer when I sign up with Rico A Mona.


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