Tien Court Mooncakes

Although I am not a fan of mooncakes, I cannot help resist trying some colorful snowskin ones every Mid-autumn Festival. Pretty stuff always attracts my attention XD.

Hotels, restaurants and confectionery are coming up with interesting flavors and combinations every year; I noticed Peony Jade launched Angry Bird mooncakes and they cost a bomb at about $88 a set of 4.

This year, I tried Tien court’s mooncakes which were yummy and reasonable priced.

Because I bought them way before the Mid-Autumn Festival started, I received the old packaging :(. This year’s packaging is an elongated box which is prettier.

White lotus with champagne truffle. I liked this the best.

White lotus with blueberry and cranberry

White lotus with pine nuts and chocolate

White lotus with purple potato

White lotus with brandy truffle

Chanced upon this calorie counter on Her World magazine, luckily moon cake is not my favorite food. (Credit:Picture from Her World Magazine)

Tien Court
Copthorne King’s Hotel
403 Havelock Raod

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