The Drawing Room @ St Regis

Visited The Drawing Room at St Regis Hotel with W and I for a drink; had to make use of my $50 beverage voucher from The Supper Club.

The Drawing Room is not a place for art or drawing, as most people may have assumed. From the 18th to the mid-twentieth century, the term drawing room was used to describe a room in a house where visitors are entertained. Located on the lobby of St Regis, the luxuriously decorated venue serves aromatic teas, gourmet coffee, and vintage champagnes. Milkshakes and fruit juices are also available.

I would describe the service at the The Drawing Room to be amiable and warm, but scarce, which is something I would not expect from a luxury 5 star hotel. It was almost full house, but there was only 2 staff on duty; not very good manpower management from St Regis hmph! It took ages for the waitresses to notice us and take our order. We even had trouble getting their attention and had to approach them to get another cup for W to try our teas.

The coasters are made of leather with a medieval touch.

TWG Vanilla Bourbon: Decaffeinated red tea from South Africa blended with sweet TWG vanilla. Can be served warm or iced at any time of the day, and is perfect for children as well. I expected the price to inflated, but was pleasantly surprised to see that it cost $12, which is roughly the same price one would pay for sipping tea in TWG salons. But I would recommend having tea in TWG Salons as The Drawing Room failed to let the tea steep long enough for flavors to be released before serving. Vanilla Bourbon tea is my favourite tea, I drank it numerous times at TWG Salons, Chihuly Lounge at Ritz Carlton and Tea Lounge at The Regent; The Drawing Room has done the worst job preparing the tea.

TWG Grand Wedding Tea $12: A festive tea to celebrate life’s momentous occasions. This black tea is blended with white flowers and exotic fruits.W ordered a $18 milkshake; we all waited in anticipation to be wowed by such an expensive milkshake. Well, sad to say that it was a great disappointment that it was a PLAIN and ORDINARY glass of milkshake. The ice cream used was Kapiti triple chocolate, a New Zealand company producing fine food such as cheese, ice cream, sorbet and yogurt. Kapiti ice creams has won numerous awards in The New Zealand Ice Cream Awards. Kapiti is expensive which is probably why the milkshake cost $18; none of us felt that the milkshake tasted fantastic though.Presentation shouted minimal effort, which kind of annoyed me as I expected better standards from St Regis.The star of the day is the milkshake, for the wrong reason… A clearer picture of the Martina Pink outfit I wore

The Drawing Room
St Regis  Singapore
29 Tanglin Road

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  1. Anderson

    Really useful.. as I got interests from your blog and signed for supper club @St Regis too! Your blog definetely helped me to know what to order and which looks nice! 🙂
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