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Note: 2fiften Kitchen has closed

Kindly note that 2fifteen Kitchen has closed


Leisurely lunch with W at 2fifteen Kitchen, Rochester Mall. We took a train there and got lost for 15 minutes. Luckily we managed to find the restaurant before any of us faint from hunger.

We were greeted enthusiastically by a staff, whom I suspect is the manager. He was cheerful and impressively observant and attentive. Shall elaborate more about this later.

The décor of the restaurant is chic and warm; guests can choose to dine indoors or outdoors. The food is simply delicious, unpretentious and satisfying; portions are generous. If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing envoironment to dine in, this is the place!2fifteen kitchen serves lunch, afternoon high tea and dinner. W and I had the 3 course set lunch for $35++; diners can opt for the 2 course option at $28++. Coffee and tea are included in the set lunch.

The high tea menu:From the November onwards, weekend brunch would replace the set lunch menu. On the 3rd November, which is the launch date of weekend brunch, all proceeds from the brunch sales would be donated to the Citramus Foundation. Citramus Foundation is a charitable organization which strives to improve the conditions and upbringing of children in Batam by supporting their financial , medical and education needs. Not bad eh, enjoying yummilicious food and contributing to a good cause. The semi buffet brunch cost $38++ and has 2 seatings, check out the spread listing here: 2fifteen Kitchen Brunch Menu

The Set Lunch Menu


Mesclun salad with sea scallop roe with balsamic dressing or

Soup of the day which was mushroom soup with truffle oil or

Warm salad of duck foie gras with grape petite salad and raspberry vinaigrette (add $12)


Pork breaded potato in ratatouille sauce or

Spaghetti bolognaise or

Pan seared salmon, mashes potato, vegetables in Bearnaise sauce


Yuzu cheesecake

Coffee or Tea

I presented W with a souvenir from FranceComplimentary bread

Mushroom soup with truffle oil. Bold mushroom flavour which was not overpowering; the soup was not overly creamy, which I liked very much. Some places prepare it with too much cream which makes me feel sick.

Mesclun salad with sea scallop roe with balsamic dressing. Impressive huge piece of fresh scallop which left me grinning from ear to ear.

Pork breaded potato in ratatouille sauce. The serving was large(2 pieces of pork), W was worried she wont be able to finish it, but she liked it so much that she wiped her plate clean. The breading mixture is well seasoned and crisp while not being oily. The ratatouille sauce complemented the mild flavored pork well. I found the mash potato unique, unlike any other mashed potato I have tried before. Chef Kenny Yeo shared that he blends truffle oil and tomatoes into his mashed potato.

Now why did I say the Manager was attentive? Because he noticed W receiving a gift and thought it was her birthday!

Banana tea cake with fruits was not overly sweet; great way to end a 2.5 hour lunch 🙂English breakfast from The 1872 Clipper Tea Co, which supplies teas to popular restaurant chains such as PS café and the Les Amis group.

Chef Kenny Yeo, who belts 20 years of culinary experience.

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