Amsterdam Travelogue 2

Continuing on with the canal cruise!

Science centre NEMO…

A 14th century gothic old church in the red light district; it is the oldest monument in Amsterdam. This is not the main façade, perhaps the side or the back of the building. We started the red light district tour here.No cameras allowed; if you are caught taking a picture of the girls, the camera (and perhaps even yourself) would get chucked into the canal waters.

There were many girls in eye-popping underwear and costumes standing in their windows waiting for potential customers. I don’t think the girls liked tourists looking at them though, some actually left their windows or closed the curtains when they saw our tour group walking closer.

After the red light district tour, we had a couple of hours of free time. Hubby and I were starving; we dined in at Pasta Bar opposite the canals.

It was a healthy meal but the pasta was extremely bland. Hubby and I were rather shocked, but we assumed it’s the way people liked their pasta in Amsterdam, until we saw a local shaking loads of salt and pepper into his pasta. We followed suit.

We had Aglio olio with mushroom and broccoli

And Aglio olio with mushroom and chicken

Dessert at a local bakery, which was full of caloriesWe wandered around and arrived at Dam Square.

Took a few pictures of the Royal Palace of Amsterdam.Madame Tussaud wax museum on the left of the Royal PalaceOn the coach to our hotel

We stayed 1 night in Park Plaza hotel, which served a scrumptious hot buffet breakfast. Hmm, not sure whether I took pictures of the breakfast or not, if I did, I would post them up in my next Europe honeymoon blog post

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