Ritz Carlton: Greenhouse buffet

Note: Greenhouse has been replaced with Colony

Dined at Ritz Carlton’s The Greenhouse 2010 and 2011. It was enjoyable but I prefer Melt The World café buffet, because the latter has a wider range of food and desserts. Dessert at the Greenhouse pales in comparison to Melt.

View my blog post on which features 95% of the spread at Melt the World Café dinner buffet here

View buffet MENUS and prices for Christmas 2012 to New Year’s Day 2013

This blog post is a collection food pictures I took from 2 dining occasions. I was using a point and shoot camera back then, please pardon the quality of the pictures.

The bread sectionOlive bread was yummy!

Chicken Consomme soup; the soup was good but I would prefer it without the diced vegetablesWinter melon chicken soup. I loved it so much, I drank 4 bowls.

Shark’s Fin Soup

Drunken prawn with herbal soup

The Cheese section

DIY salad sectionSalads and cold food section


Oysters(picture above), mussels, prawns, crayfishLobster and crab claw

I prefer crab claw meat as it is softer and more moist compared to lobster meat

Roasted meat section

Roasted duck and char siew available

Japanese section with sushi, soba and sashimi

Indian food section: Biryani rice, steamed rice, Plain nan, Papadum, Samosa, Beef Rendang, Chicken Curry, Vegetable Curry Hot food section

Some of the stuff we ate

Fruits. I never touch fruits at buffets, wasting stomach space!


Lime sorbet and chocolate ice cream with almond flakes

Raspberry, vanilla, rum and raisin ice cream

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