Roast@1-Rochester Set Lunch

Kindly note that Roast at 1-Rochester has been replaced by UNA

W and I went to try the set lunch at Roast @1-rochester as there was a 1 for 1 promotion when the restaurant first launched the set lunch menu back in August.  Yes, I know, my blog post is very, very late >_<.

I had my ROM dinner and the communal menu dinner on another occasion, click on the links to view the posts.

One Rochester is romantic at night; during the day, the ambiance is serene. Perhaps it was because we visited on a weekday and there were only a few other tables occupied, the environment may feel different on a busy weekend.New furniture in the indoor dining area, I think it this design looks better!

W has arrived; Opps sorry I am late. It was a cooling day so we dine outdoors.

The set lunch menu, so glad we came for the 1 for 1 promotion, super value for money.  Our hearts were singing with joy when we saw the bill 🙂 🙂 🙂Tiger prawn salad with baby romaine lettuce, pomegranate and Persian Feta. I had the same salad (with couscous) served during my ROM and I love it so much I had to order it. The salad was refreshing, prawns were fresh and the pomegranate gave the salad a crunchy texture.

W had a bowl of classic mushroom salad with gruyere toast. The soup was creamy and flavorsome but I wish the mushroom flavor could be slightly stronger, which would make the soup perfect.

Half roast baby chicken wrapped in prosciutto with truffle, raisin and pine nut stuffing, rosemary potatoes and quince & pear compote. This certainly didn’t wow me, it was an average main course. I lamented I was dismayed by the small serving of meat to which W pointed out it was a BABY chicken. Oh well…definitely  won’t be ordering this again next time, I am keen on the cheeseburger and pasta though…

Chocolate hazelnut praline mousse cake cheered me up from the disappointing main course.

Strawberry shortcake was enjoyable as well; the pastry flakes added on top of the cake was good enough for me to ignore the fact that the cake was a tad dry. I like strawberry shortcake moist with cream but W had no problems with the cake.An enjoyable dining experience and I look forward to trying more dishes from the set lunch menu 🙂

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