Afternoon Tea at Arteastiq Tea Bone China

1Catch up session with MC with a relaxing Chinese afternoon tea. Click here for my first visit review of Arteastiq Tea Bone China.

Glad to see that the establishment has improved on the menu, which used to be a laminated paper which felt sticky. We came for the afternoon tea promo, which cost $39.80++(usually $52++) for 2 pax. 4357


The afternoon tea set has 2 servings of 6 different types of dim sum, plus 2 pots of specialty teas. Dines can choose any Chinese, floral, fruit and ginger teas; hot teas are refillable while cold teas are not.  I had a hot Earl Gray Lavender Tea while MC had a hot Pomelo tea; both were lovely. The teas are served in elegant glassware; click here to view how beautifully cold teas are served.

Earl Grey Lavender Tea910

Pomelo Tea with a superb buttery Char Siew Soh.


The dim sums were not bad, the chef used fresh ingredients and puts in effort to make creative dim sums.  Be prepared to wait for about 15-20 minutes as chef starts to prepare the dim sums only when an order has been placed.

12Hemp balls


Cold crab roll14

Steamed prawn dumpling16

Crispy fried prawn dumpling. This was my favorite, the pastry was delicious15Smoked salmon17I thought this would be a sesame bun because of the grey color; but it turned out to be salted egg york bun, which is one of my favorite food. So happy 🙂18Wished there was more filling though….19

Chanced upon drama filming at Millenia Walk


Outfit of the day: New Martina Pink top with a ¾ pants I bought previously from the Martina Pink as well. The material of the top is so soft and light, so comfy!22


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