Germany Travelogue 2

01-vertMore pictures that Hubby and I took during the Rhine Cruise 🙂

01a-vert 02-vert 03-vert 04-vert 05-vert 06-vert 07-vert 08-vert 09-vert 10-vert 11-vert

i find the long train very facinating; trains in Singapore are not as lengthy12-vert

Choot choot!13-vert

Choot choot choot……!14-vert 15-vert 16-vert 17-vert 18-vert 19-vert 20-vert 21-vert 22-vert 23-vert

The vineyards are facing the water to achieve maximum sunlight exposure; sunlight would reflect from the water into the grapes.24-vert 25-vert 26-vert 27 27a-vert 27-vert 28-vert 29-vert

30-vert 31-vert 32-vert 33-vert 34-vert 35-vert 36-vert 37-vert 38-vert 39-vert 40-vert 41-vert 42-vert 43-vert 44-vert 45-vert

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