Martina Pink Apparel Review 2

I have been sooo busy the past few weeks; had family and friends visiting from overseas, as well as weddings to attend. Plus work! December is a hectic time at my workplace. December really flew by so quickly, how I wish I can turn back time. Love the Christmas festive mood 🙂

Doing up a quick post on the Martina Pink dresses I bought from Tangs a few weeks back, yeah! Click here to view more Martina Pink clothes


A very lady-like piece, dont you think? Close up of the material on the top and bottom portion of the dress:02e 03eIts Christmas time! The sequins are not glued on, they are sewn on, hence they do not drop off easily.04ee 05e 06-horz

A casual dress made from soft cotton acetate rayon. Close up pictures of the top and bottom portion of the dress below:07ee 08e 09e

Feminine lace rules!  11aee 11e 12e

I need to be careful while wearing this dress, lest anything gets caught in the lace, tearing it. Looking forward to collecting more lovely dresses from this label in future!

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