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Buffet high tea with W at the Rose Veranda, Shangri-la Hotel. Service was polite, but very inattentive. We had to wave several times for staff to clear our plates and refill the tea. I would prefer to have my afternoon tea at Chihuly Lounge (read about it here and here), TWG or Tea Lounge (click here and here). You feel like royalty dining in those establishments!

There was a wide variety of food, but they lack soul, very mass-produced. No wow factor compared to Ritz Carlton’s Chihuly Longue or The Regent’s Tea Lounge.

Some of the dishes had missing labels (slipshod work!); I had to figure out what I was putting into my mouth.

I didn’t have high expectations of the Rose Veranda as I have read several negative reviews. But I love afternoon tea so I just took the opportunity to try since there was a 1 for 1 offer.

Please pardon the picture quality, I was using a lousy camera.

At the main Lobby02 01Dress from Martina Pink06

05 03

After being lost for 10 mins, we finally arrived!07 08 09 10

11 13Rose Veranda serves a HUGE range of TWG teas, it was quite daunting to go through the menu. Thankfully the waitress showed me a list of the 10 most popular teas. Made my life so much easier!12 14

Imperial rose tea(white tea crafted into the bouquet of roses)/ Celebration tea(white tea with orange lily and osmanthus)/ Sushi Trolley15

The hot food section/Shumai and Hargao/ Steamed BBQ pork bun/ Pan seared chicken breast with olives and cherry tomatoes16

Braised bamboo shoots with fresh mixed mushrooms (Good!)/ Grouper fish fillet with cream sauce17

Salad section/ Gado Gado/ Assorted mini salad bowls18

19Pasta Salad/ Prawn Salad(Good!)/ Duck breast with apple and celery salad(Good!)/Assorted sandwiches20

Egg Mayo with caviar bun (Good!)21

Quail egg and potato salad/ Smoked Salmon/ Prawns with tamarind sauce/Roasted Root Vegetables22

DIY Mee Siam Station23

Roast Beef Station/Rosemary potatoes24


Chocolate cremeux(Good!)/ Lemongrass and jivara shooter(Weird tasting!)/Assorted Nonya kueh/ Scones(average only)26

Assorted fruits/ opps, I forgot >_</ Mango Ice cream/ Yam Ice cream27

Chocolate Fondue28

Bread and butter pudding with vanilla sauce and a chocolate center/ assorted cakes2930Berry Tart/Chocolate cake crunchy nut base(good!)/ Tiramisu/ Crème Brulee31

Some sour jelly/ red bean pancake32

I like the pretty plates!33

Cute visitors at the window.34In conclusion, I would only dine here is there is a 1-1 promotion as its not worth paying full price; I rather spend my money at elsewhere.

Update: March 2015-Check out the improved Afternoon Tea offerings here:

The Rose Veranda
Shangri-la Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road

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