Germany Travelogue 3

01-tileGot off the Rhine Cruise to visit Heidelburg 🙂

Heidelburg castle

3-tileWe had free time to explore this this lovely, baroque style old town04-tile 05-tile 06-tile07-tile 08-tile 09-tile 10-tileHubby’s street photography shot11-tile12-tile 15-tile 16-tile 17-tile 18-tile 19-tileSachets of fragrances on sale. They look so pretty and I was tempted to buy some.25-tile26-tileChanced upon this food which I have never seen before, I was so excited to try it!27-tile 28-tile 29-tile 30-tileIts a deep fried, dry cookie-like pastry, interesting texture. It was huge; we had trouble finishing it.31-tilePretty pharmacy! Wish pharmacies in Singapore would look like this… 32-tile33-tile34-tile 35-tileWe had a 3 course dinner(included in the tour package) at our hotel that night. After a long tiring day, it was nice to sit down, relax and chat with our tour mates while awaiting for dinner to be served.

Salad with balsamic dressing36-tileBreaded fish with yoghurt and tartar sauce/potatoes seasoned with vinegar.37-tileCherries with cream38-tile

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