Brasserie Les Saveurs

09e-tile Lunched with K at Brasserie Les Saveurs, St Regis Hotel. It was the blue lobster season in August and the restaurant was having a week-long special menu, which featured this delicacy, imported fresh from the Atlantic waters. Check out my other reviews on the set lunch here and here, as well as the afternoon tea buffet ( part 1, part 2).

Upon stepping in the hotel, I was awed by its opulence.02 03

No effort was spared with Brasserie Les Saveurs décor! The lavish restaurant is adorned with grand chandeliers, luxurious carpets and floor to ceiling windows. Private booths are available for intimate and romantic meals. 04 06 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The elegant tableware…11 12

The Blue Lobster set lunch menu at $58++; my Supper Club card took 25% off the bill.???????????????????????????????Complimentary breadbasket. I like the baguette very much; the texture is chewy and the crust is crisp. Its a bit tough, my jaw got tired after my 2nd helping, but that didn’t stop me from having more! The butter is good as well; smooth, soft and not overly salty. 13 14

Blue Atlantic lobster bisque, lobster raviolis and herbs.The lobster raviolis were served first, then the warm bisque was poured in. I was impressed with the pasta, it was so silky, and my tongue felt like a layer of silk was placed on it. Fresh pasta rocks! Blue lobster meat is softer and juicier then regular lobster.17 18 19

Pan-seared Atlantic Sea Bass, green asparagus, tomato vinaigrette, sautéed blue lobster, summer mushrooms, bisque reduction. The fish had a hint of crispiness on the outside and was soft on the inside; I could cut it with a fork. The serving was a bit disappointing though.20

I felt K’s choice of mains was better; Pan roasted Australian Angus beef tenderloin, polenta stick, French sucrine, red wine sauce. The meat was tender and flavorsome, the sides were delicious as well.21 22

After the mains, a staff would ask if you are ready for dessert. A dessert trolley will be pushed to your table. 2 desserts are included in the set lunch, if you wish to have more, it would cost $22++ for 3 pieces. I loved the desserts so much that I came with M and W to have the semi-buffet afternoon tea, and tried all the desserts, woo hoo!(would blog about this soon).23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

K had a raspberry tart with chocolate mousse cake while I had a strawberry start and chocolate mousse cake. Heavenly XD.31 32

Coffee and tea are included in the set lunch…33

Check out my review and picture of all the food for the semi-buffet afternoon tea here and here

Brasserie Les Saveurs
The St Regis Singapore
Lobby Level
29 Tangling Road
Singapore 247911
Tel: 65066860

Friends for 17 years and counting; how quickly time flies!34Outfit of the day: Individual expressions dress???????????????????????????????

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