Switzerland Travelogue 1

01-tileDrove to Schaffhausen to view the mighty Rhine falls, the largest plain waterfall in Europe.02-tile 03e-tiley1e-tile y2e-tile y3e-tile y4e-tile y5e-tile y6e-tile y7-tile y8e-tile y9e-tile04e-tiley10e-tile

It’s not very high, but the large amount of water flow is amazing!05e-tile 06e-tile 07e-tile 08e-tile 09e-tile 10ae-tile 10e-tile 11e-tile

Hubby’s shot:y11e-tile

12e-tile 13e-tile 14e-tile 15e-tile 16e-tile 17e-tile 18e-tile 19e-tileMy first time seeing such a huge dog. More large dog pictures coming up when I blog about Lucerne!20-crop-tile

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