Fun at P’s Wedding+ lots of cute toy dogs

My cousin P got married in Dec; congrats to him and his wife! His family has many cute dogs, so be prepared for a cuteness overload 🙂

My Sis and Chubby!

01-tile 02-tile 03-tile 04-tile 05-tile 06-tileMy turn! In a Martina Pink dress you can view over here07-tile 08-tile 09-tile 10-tileThe poodle is getting sleepy….11-tile 13-tileWide awake for more play time….12-tile 14-tile 15-tile 16-tile 17-tileFor the wedding dinner, I donned a Coat’s dress I got at 40% discount from Tangs XD18-tile 19-tileThe quality is really good…01-tile 02-tile

Mom, sis and myself with the couple…20-tile 21-tile 22-tile 23-tile 27-tile

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