Switzerland Travelogue 2

00Beautifully painted buildings around the Swiss folklore restaurant we were going to dine in.02 03

Black and white shot by hubby00-tile

Traditional Swiss Folklore restaurant 04e-tile 05e-tile 06e-tile 07e-tile 08e-tileLook how large the beer mug is….09e-tile 10e-tile

Cheese fondue11e-tile 12e-tile 13e-tile 14e-tile

Salad with citrus dressing15e-tile

Strips of veal in mushroom sauce with grated and fried potatoes16e-tile

Meringue with applesauce and strawberry ice cream17e-tile

Hubby getting a bit red, haha!18e-tile

Instrumental performance19e-tileSongbird singing traditional Swiss folklore music.20e-tile

Alphorn blowing21e-tile 22e-tile

Using a wooden broom as an instrument… 23e-tileMore music and fun!24e-tile 25e-tile 26e-tile 27e-tile

Strolled back to our hotel nearby…Church of St. Leodegar at night. We went the next day to take photos of the interior and gardens. Stay tune for more pictures!28e-tile

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