Switzerland Travelogue 3

This morning we begin with a scenic cruise across lake Lucerne to the village of Stans, terminal of one of Switzerland’s oldest mountain railways. It was a very foggy morning so some pictures maybe unclear…01e-tile 02e-tile 03e-tile 04e-tile 05e-tile 06e-tile07e-tile 08e-tile 09e-tile 10e-tileAlgae in the waters…11e-tile 12e-tile 13e-tile 14e-tile 15e-tile 16e-tile 17e-tile 18e-tile 19e-tile 20e-tile 21e-tile 22e-tile 23e-tile 24e-tile 25e-tileGetting close to the alps…

26e-tile 27e-tile 28e-tile 29e-tile 30e-tile 31e-tile 32e-tile 33e-tile

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