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My hubby and I enjoy visiting Prive café for a relaxing brunch. The cafe, located on Keppel Island,  serves comfort food, with a reasonable price tag. We visited a couple of times, for both brunch and dinner.  Be prepared for a lengthy post!05-tile07-tile

01-tile 02-tile 03-tileAll day breakfast is served from 9.30am to 5pm. After 11.30am, a much wider variety of dishes are prepared. You can view the menu and prices here

The best thing about Prive Café is the ambience. Diners can enjoy the view of the waterfront (and the many yachts parked there).

If you wish to dine at the alfresco area, do check the weather forecast. Although the area is sheltered, if the rain is heavy, you will still get wet.  There was once we were brunching indoors, and a heavy downpour occurred, forcing many diners to leave the alfresco area.

Service is friendly and efficient, no complaints from me!

Dessert display never fails to attract me. On the menu, there are other dessert options which are more fancy 🙂04-tileIced long black08-tile

Classic Caesar salad: Baby romaine lettuce topped with crunchy bacon, a gently poaches egg, baked herbed croutons and drizzled with Prive classic Caesar dressing. The lettuce was fresh and the egg was perfectly poached, with a runny yolk that’s hardening around the edges.09-tile 10-tile

Roasted butternut pumpkin salad: wild rocket topped with roasted butternut pumpkin, Granny Smith Apples, pomegranate and tangy buttermilk dressing. I like how all the flavors complement each other, as well as the crunchy texture from the apples and pomegranate.11-tile

Prive’s signature mushroom soup: Seasonal mushrooms with a hint of truffle oil, served with crusty garlic bread. This was impressive; it was full of flavor, and chunky mushroom bits but not too thick or creamy. The soup was served piping hot, unlike some restaurants that sometimes serve it warm. The garlic bread was yummy too.12-tile

Hearty peasant soup: rustic cabbage and potato soup topped with bacon and crunchy pesto croutons. Because the mushroom soup was so good, we ordered this, hoping it would fare the same.  The soup was disappointing as it was terribly bland.13-tile

Espresso pancake stack: Fluffy espresso pancake stack topped with honeycomb, dark bitter chocolate pieces and drizzled with gooey chocolate sauce. Not bad, not bad!14-tile 15-tile

Crab meat Omelette: Delicately flavored opened-faced crab meat omelette topped with pine nuts and a refreshing shaved fennel and dill salad. I was not too happy with this: the omelette tasted so bland, and the serving of crab meat was scarce.17-tile 18-tile

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with crispy bacon, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, birds eye chilli, wilted baby spinach, pine nuts and flat-leaf parsley. You can choose mild, medium or very spicy. So good we had this twice!19-tile 20-tile

Organic Mushroom Linguine with white wine sautéed seasonal organic mushrooms, flat leafed parsley and cream (add $4 for parma ham).21-tile

Simply Prive Burger: Thick Wagyu beef patty topped with melted mild cheddar cheese, streaky bacon and garlic mayonnaise.  The moist and flavorsome beef patty was delightful!22-tile

The Ultimate fish and chips: Lightly battered Dory fried to a golden crisp served with fries, tartare sauce and malt vinegar. I am not a fan of fish and chips, because I usually encounter thick oily batters, which makes me feel sick. This batter was light, not too oily and the dish tastes as good as it looks!23-tile

The chocolate tart took a while to arrive, because it needs to be warmed up. I had better chocolate tarts at Drips Bakery Café.24-tile

St honore. The hard sugar candy gave it a delightful crunch!25-tile

Oreo mudpie:  Oreo cookie base with affogato swirl ice cream, topped with orea cookie crumble and Valhorna chocolate sauce28-tile 29-tile

Perfect pear charlotte with white wine poached pears and raisin baked in a golden crust, served with vanilla bean ice cream (or Ruquefort cheese ice cream). I felt this dessert fared better than the Oreo mud pie.30-tile

Red velvet cake and passion fruit tart were yummy 🙂31-tile 32-tileBut the orange and almond cake was plain boring, and dry too…26-tile 27-tileTook away muffins for breakfast the next day: Chocolate/ Apple and Oats/ Bacon and cheddar/ Banana walnut. I felt the bacon and cheddar tasted a bit weird; maybe I am just not used to savory muffins. 33-tile

Prive Cafe
2 Keppel Bay Vista
Tel: 6779 0777

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