Switzerland Travelogue 5

01-tileSo here we are, on top of Mount Stanserhorn, admiring nature’s work.  

Our couple shot:02-tile

You need to be fit and have a very good stamina to climb right up to the peak. The air is thin too, so Hubby didn’t want me to go with him, in case I have trouble breathing. Lots of self-shots in this post, as I had to take my own pictures.

16-tile 19-tile03-tile 05-tile 06-tile 08-tile 09-tile 10-tile 11-tile 13-tile 12-tile 14-tile 17-tile 18-tile 20-tile 21-tile

22-tile 23-tile 25-tile 26-tile 27-tile

These men are really brave! No fencing below to protect them if they fall while working at the edge of the mountain28-tile 29-tile 30-tile

We were wondering what this lady is up to….32-tile33-tile 34-tile A picture from the peak of Mount Stanserhorn35-tile

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