Antoinette, a 2nd review

I met my secondary school friends for dinner at Antoinette (Penhas Road) in Nov 2012 and it was quite a terrible experience

The service was abysmal as the all the staff, including the lady manager had a “could not care less” attitude, except for a young girl, who was very pleasant.

The quality of some food dropped as well.

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Burger Antoinette $20: Pan fried apple, chicken leg patty, pommery mustard mayonnaise, butter lettuce, onions chutney, chips, and petite salad with house dressing. Decadent burger with no drop in quality. 01e-tile
Brittany Crepe $22.50: Scalloped, prawns, squids and mussels sautéed with white wine and cream, perfumed with aromatics, The seafood was stale while the sauce was bland. It’s the worst main course I have ever tried at Antoinette.02e-tile 03e-tileSavory Blinis (French thick pancake) with sautéed cream mushroom, grilled bacon, grilled tomato and salad $17.50. I was rather disappointed to see only 1 slice of bacon; felt quite ripped off, hmph! My friends commented that they have tried much more fluffier pancakes; however when I did some research, I realized that blinis are different from pancakes. What separates them from most other forms of pancake is that Blinis generally use yeast as a raising agent, rather than baking powder or bicarbonate of soda. So do not expect Antoinette’s blinis to be light and fluffy please! 05e-tile 06e-tileThe mushrooms and cream sauce was delicious and went very well with the blinis. 07e-tileCrepe Chocolicieux $16.50: Dessert crepe with warm chocolate sauce, 66% dark chocolate ice cream, chocolate pieces and vanilla crème chantilly. Definitely a dessert for chocoholics! YS ordered this as her mains, and totally regretted it. The dessert was decent but the huge serving makes the sweetness an overkill. I strongly recommend sharing. 04e-tileMont Blanc $8.50: Almond tart, vanilla crème chantilly, marron glaces, chestnut cream. I am not a fan of chestnuts, so I didn’t try it. SY looked very contented with her dessert though. 08e-tileI noticed a new cake and had to try it, although it was rather expensive. Angelique ($10): white chocolate mousse perfumed with violet flower, strawberry blackcurrant jelly, vanilla marshmallow, classic sponge, strawberry coulis, hazelnut feuilletine.09e-tile 10e
On the whole, the dessert was ok. I expected a mind-blowing dessert, as it was the most expensive cake on display. Should have ordered my usual violet cake instead 🙁

Really hope to see service standards and food quality improve in the future.

30 Penhas Road
Tel: 6293 3121

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