Switzerland Travelogue 6

We went down Mount Stanserhorn via the same cable car and old-timer railway.02-tile

Hubby’s reflection in the mirror; I love this shot XD01-tile

Hikers coming up the mountain…03-tile 08-tile 09-tile 10-tile 11-tile 12-tile

The 4 major attractions we visited in Lucerne.13-tile 14-tile 15-tile 16-tile

Our tour director brought us to visit the Lion Monument, a sculpture to commemorate the Swiss Guards who were massacred during the French Revolution in 1792.17-tile 18-tile 19-tile

Lunched at the supermarket near our hotel.

Pork Sandwich with vegetables and pickled cucumber.20-tile

Grilled chicken thigh was tender and juicy, potato wedges were nicely seasoned.21-tile


Huge dog!23-tile

Went around exploring Lucerne…more pics coming soon 🙂24-tile 25-tile 26-tile 27-tile 28-tile

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