The Odbo Ginseng Mask review



UPDATE 21/11/2014: The Odbo has opened in Singapore, at Bugis Junction Level 2, between VDL and The Face Shop.

I was introduced to The Odbo during my tour in Korea a few weeks back. Before reaching the DFS outlet, my tour mate and new friend S, shared with me that her colleague raved about this brand.  Needless to say, S’s colleague tasked her to purchase many products on her behalf.

According to the tour guide, The Odbo is a popular skincare brand in Korea. However from my research, apparently many Koreans have not even heard about it. If so, how did S’s colleague know about this brand?

Seems that The Odbo spread from word of mouth, among tourists who visit Korea… among non-Koreans =_=.  According to Seoul Inspiration (blogger living in Korea), the Odbo is probably produced and packaged for the tourist market.

This skincare brand is not exported out of Korea, but you can find some blog shops selling them.  It is rather difficult to purchase it in Korea itself, because there is only 1 shop carrying Odbo, and it’s quite out of the way

I bought a few products : eye masks, peeling gel and oxygen bubbling cleanser (will do reviews soon). This ginseng mask was a given during the skincare tutorial, which I didn’t participate in as I didn’t want to remove my makeup.

After a hectic week at work, my skin was rather dry and dull. I was in need dire of some skin pampering.

This mask moisturizes and firms the skin; replenishes Coenzyme Q10 as well as collagen. Ginseng rejuvenates the complexion.

Ingredients: Ginseng 6mg/ Collagen 0.6mg/Coenzyme Q10 0.9mg. Suitable for all skin types

The English is a total joke….02-tile

The mask is rather small compared to other masks that I have tried, but enough to fit my face. The nose portion was tiny; 30% of my nose was left exposed.

The amount of essence (20ml) in the pack was adequate for the mask. I like it this way because I do not get liquid dripping down to the back of my ears and neck while I lay down with the mask on. This always happens with masks drenched with essence and i find it very uncomfortable. There is sufficient serum to apply on the neck after removing the mask and squeezing it slightly.

I am not a fan of the pungent ginseng smell, nor the sticky texture of the essence, which takes about 8 mins to be completely absorbed by the skin after removal.

BUT I noticed the effect immediately. My face was glowing, soft to touch and very hydrated. The next day, a patient complimented my complexion and asked me what product I used XD

The ginseng mask retails for about SGD 33 for 10 pieces in Korea and SGD 5 per piece on Qoo10.

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