Great shopping experience at OSIM

My pharmacy is getting busier and busier; I get body aches daily after my 10 hour work shift. The pain is so bad that I am having trouble sleeping and the old massage chair at home is not helping at all, sobs!  So my family and I decided to get a new massage chair from OSIM, Vivocity.

We were eyeing uAngel, which retails at $2688, because of its compact design (the old massage chair is huge and bulky).



But we landed up getting uDivine App, which retails at $6088. We traded in the old chair so the final price dropped to approximately $4700. We find it much better than uAngel.


Chris, a very sweet and friendly sales assistant, served us. She was very patient and informative though out the 1 and a half hours we spent in the shop, trying and deciding on which chair to purchase.





We were so pleased with the whole shopping experience (and of course, the uDivine App chair), that we purchased it immediately.

Thank you Chris, for your warm and fantastic service 🙂



Looking forward to the delivery in 2 weeks time! Will do a post on the uDivine App massage chair soon so stay tuned. The chair is very, veryyyyy good; I slept like baby that night XD

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