Outfit Post: French Connection and Forming

I did a survey among my friends and decided to be more organized with my posts. So from now on, I shall not be mixing food review posts with outfit posts because some readers who wish to read about food may not have any interest in clothes, and vice versa…


Pink skinny jeans and top from French Connection in Tangs. The quality of the jeans is impressive and its super comfy, I have worn it a number of a few times and it has not lost its tightness nor shape. It does not cause me to perspire in Singapore’s sweltering heat, yet it keeps me warm in cold climates. During my holiday in Korea, this was only pair of pants that kept me warm; Uni*** just let the cold wind blow though and freeze me.

When I came back to Singapore, I went to grab the other 2 colours, yellow and purple. Will do a post on them soon as they are in the wash…

The sequin detail on this top is unique on this Love Birds top. They do not lie flat on the fabric, are slightly raised, giving a 3 dimensional effect.




Paired the FCUK jeans with a pastel top from Korea which only cost $38! What a steal as the quality is really good 🙂


Another shot with more lighting…


Pretty crochet lace collar!


Did a goggle search on this brand but could not find anything. If you are looking for tops that can keep you warm, do look out for this label in Korea. Lazy me didn’t want to bring along a jacket or shawl to the cinema and this top kept me warm all the time. Would definitely pack this in my luggage for my trip to Perth this June (winter time). I bought this from Sinchon, which is a shopping district popular among youths because it is close to a University.




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