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A long overdue post from Nov! Gosh I have a huge backlog 🙁

Had a gathering with Uni friends who moved to Singapore. R just finished a test so this dinner was also a celebration for him. We went to Star Vista mall, because it was close to R and J’s workplace…and landed up in Watami. I was rather skeptical about dining in Watami, because of the not-so-great reviews on the net. Glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food by this casual dining joint.

I will always remember our group study sessions that we dragged ourselves to, in order to pass the tough exams…shudders! No more exams from now on, so happy XD


The set meal for 4 ($129++) looked like a feast, so we ordered with glee. Some of the dishes on the menu are fixed while we can choose from a list of options for the other items. The portions were generous and all of us were stuffed.


Watami @ Star vista really needs to improve on the service standards though. We sat the back of the restaurant and it was terribly difficult of us to catch the attention of any staff  because they were all looking towards the front.

Anyways, back to the food. The fixed dishes were:

Fresh Caesars Salad


Irodori chirashi sushi- Assorted sashimi sushi rice bowl


Sashimi Mori-Assorted Sashimi. Oops, I forgot to take pic of this.

Wafu Touban Steak- Self grilled short ribs. Well marinated beef cooked to perfection by R. Thumbs up to his culinary skills!



Tempura Moriwase- Deep fried prawns and assorted vegetables


The items whereby we had options were:

We chose Konbu dashi sumo nabe (Konbu sumo wrestler hot pot); the light broth lets the palate taste the freshness of the ingredients.


Other hotpot options were Sukiyaki Nabe (Beef Sukiyami) or Doenjang Chige (Spicy Korean pot with pork)

We chose Udon over rice, as we felt it would complement the hotpot dish better.

The first side dish we had was chicken katsu tamago toji (chicken cutlet with scrambled egg sauce). This is really good fried chicken, and the scrambled egg with stock is super yummy. It was the sizzling favorite of the night.


The next side dish was mentai potato pizza. The roe tastes savory, slightly fishy and slightly spicy. The bacon and mayonnaise overpowered the roe though.


My hot yuzu tea.


Desserts were nothing to shout about. The milk pudding had a very soft, silky texture but the flavor lacked a punch. These were not part of set meal, but if you order the set meal, there is a discount of up to 50% for desserts.



Watami @ Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green #02-16
Tel: 6694 363


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