Happy Father’s Day and Happy Wedding Anniversary!

I wanted to do up this post yesterday, but was too stoned because I over-ate during a buffet, lol!

First of all, Happy Father’s day to my father and FIL

To my Daddy, thank you for bringing me up, providing for the family and making us laugh all the time XD

My daddy, all dressed up to receive his master degree in Brisbane 2 years ago. Action so cute….



Many thanks to Papa, who take cares of me when I am ill, make sure I don’t go hungry and brings me home from work when Hubby is busy. Stylo shot at Venetian, Macau:


Happy 1st year wedding anniversary to my dear hubby. Actually we were officially married on the 19th Nov 2011 but had the customary ceremony on 16th June 2012, so technically its been more than one and half years. 16/6 is easier to remember than 19/11 so we decided to use 16/6 as the anniversary date, hahaha.

I wish to thank my hubby for bringing me joy, laughter and always being present when I need him. Thank you for encouraging and supporting me to lead a more fulfilling life, both at the workplace and home. I am grateful that fate allowed us to meet and fall in love.

Looking forward to walk this journey, life, together with you and growing old together. Love you lots, muacks!






I will always remember your creative, romantic and sweet proposal (see blogpost here), and appreciate the effort you put into our relationship 🙂 🙂 🙂





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